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About Assurance Title


Assurance Title & Abstract Services, Inc. opened as a full-service title company serving the Fox Valley in 1984 with four partner owners. After two short years, the General Manager, Barb Schlieve, bought the business and has grown it from a one-person company into an award-winning firm with a dozen employees.

Assurance Title has built their business and reputation by providing outstanding and innovative customer service. Assurance Title was the first company in our area to perform Search and Holds, and that proved to be a brilliant marketing and business strategy.

As part of residential closings, Assurance Title offered a FREE 60-year title search for the Realtors so they would know the history of the property. Any problems or issues would be revealed earlier in the process, eliminating ugly surprises. Realtors continue to utilize and value this service today.

Assurance Title offered to prepare closing statements for Realtors, a task Realtors previously had to do themselves. Again, this FREE service helped eliminate issues and problems, streamlined the process and provided continuity in the forms used for the closing. Errors were reduced and Realtors had more time to do what they do best: list and sell homes.

Assurance Title's approach to providing services to the Realtors changed the title industry in Oshkosh and their practices have now become an industry standard.

Not surprisingly, Assurance Title Services, Inc. outgrew their original location on Witzel Avenue. (The name of the company had been shortened in 2005 when abstracting became a thing of the past.) The new home of Assurance Title Services Inc. at 901Witzel Avenue is a two-story 8,600 square foot, state-of-the-art facility designed to meet the needs of the title industry. The building boasts four closing rooms plus a private meeting room to accommodate up to four closings at a time, plus enough parking for up to ten cars per closing. The building is richly detailed with two fireplaces and big screen TVs in the waiting areas, a comfortable employee lounge with a full kitchen and a balcony, over a dozen spacious offices, and finely decorated furnishings that are testament to the success of the company. Assurance Title moved into the new building in February 2009.

Owner, Barb Schlieve attributes her success in business to hiring good people and helping them become great people through mentoring and teaching them the intricacies of the industry. Barb has learned about the business from the ground up, and believes in listening to her gut instincts.
Of course good markets and a bit of luck have helped as well.

Today, Assurance Title Services remains a market leader in Oshkosh. As the national economy ebbs and flows, Assurance Title will be in the forefront, a strong and growing company, quietly making huge contributions to the stability and vitality of Oshkosh.


The Closing

With Assurance Title, there are no hidden surprises and each party to the transaction receives special attention. To the seller, they walk into the closing knowing in advance what they are netting from their sale. To the buyer, our experienced closers will explain the documentation in detail and they will walk away understanding what they just signed. To the professionals,(Realtors, Lenders, Builders and Attorneys), they can rest assured that their clients are in good hands, even in the case of last-minute adjustments, because we excel at troubleshooting.

Experience Says It All

In fact, it's what makes the difference. For us it's all about our customer's experience. Our experienced professional staff creates good experiences for our customers. It's a cyclical effect. From start to finish, and even after the closing, we are here for you to rely on.

What You Expect

Real estate transactions can be intricate, and perhaps the largest investment of your life; look to the title company who has the knowledge and expertise to handle each unique situation. At Assurance Title we treat our customers the way we would want to be treated, a quality product, with great service and a smile.

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We have endorsed and adhere to the "Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices Policies".