Realtor Statement Preparation

Realtors Statement Preparation

Assurance Title has been preparing Broker closing statements for decades. As a leader in our industry, Assurance Title began preparing the Broker closing statements before this became a popular common service.

We have an experienced closing team that works together compiling data and keeping up with current market changes. Together our closing team produces a quality closing statement for the sellers.

To "assure" yourself and your clients of a smooth closing, we will need three (3) components:

  1. Authorization to Release Confidential Information.  To procure written mortgage and/or judgment payoffs, in addition to municipal information, we require that an "Authorization to Release Confidential Information" be completed by the sellers and returned to us. This is to comply with Wisconsin State Statute SS196.137, known as Wisconsin Act 25 protecting owner's rights regarding municipal information and to also comply with the lender's instructions for receiving mortgage payoffs.

  2. A fully executed copy of the Offer to Purchase along with any Counter-Offers, Addendums and future Amendments.

  3. Keep us informed. If there are any price adjustments, closing date adjustments, remember to keep us in the loop. Are there any inspection repairs? Just keeping us aware of the odds and ends can make all the difference.

Our trained staff understands how crucial this step is. We prefer to email completed statements for your review first, prior to your meeting with the seller(s). Once we have your approval, we will be happy to email statements directly to your seller(s), or some Realtors prefer to meet with their clients prior to closing; we are adaptive and flexible to your specific needs.

Our job is to make you look good. When your clients are happy, that's a great reflection on you.  Contact our office today.

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